Need Help Finding Your BTS Member, We Got You Covered

by Alejandra Deras

Are you a new ARMY recruit? Do you need to know which BTS member should be yours? If you’re looking to find the one you can relate to (and dream about!) the most, then I’m here to help you.

If you love sitcoms, especially the show Friends, then you can definitely relate to RM! RM not only loves and finds the show hilarious, but he also learned how to speak English by watching the show. RM is the leader of BTS. He’s the well-spoken and thoughtful one in his public speeches. He is also the peace maker of the group. As a leader, RM looks out for everyone and always tends to find a solution to every issue or problem that comes the band’s way. RM is one of the rappers in the group and also a producer. So, if you see yourself as a peace-maker who loves hanging out on the couch watching Friends while learning new languages, you might just relate most with RM!

Are dad jokes and bad puns hilarious to you? Is cooking delicious meals a hobby? If so, then you just might get a good laugh and a delicious meal from Jin! Jin is also the oldest member of the group. As the elder, he plays the big brother role for the rest of the members. Before Jin joined BTS, he was a theatre student and had a major love for acting. Not only does he sing like an angel, but he plays the guitar like one too! So if you find yourself laughing your butt off to jokes like, “What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta!” then Jin is for you!

Your friends have told you nicely that you’re outspoken, “savage” and blunt, but if you are “all for it,” just know Suga is all for it as well! Suga is one of the other rappers in the group and he never holds back in sharing his thoughts and feelings on his tracks. Although he may sound aggressive in some of his music, he is also known as the most caring of the group. He hears each and every one of his members out and is very understanding. Suga is also an introvert and would rather stay up all night composing music than heading out to post-show party. Suga keeps it real and simple. Does this sound like you?

If you have a sunny personality and enjoy showing off your smile, then you might get along splendidly with the most positive and bubbly member of the group, J-Hope. He cheers everyone up and has the biggest sense of humor. He stays loyal to the other members by cheering them up when they feel stressed. For example, he’s the one who uses the tagline, “I’m your angel, I’m your Hope.” J-Hope is also known for his very unique personality. He’s often characterized as the quirky one. J-Hope loves to keep the positive vibe around. If you are hopeful and positive at heart, then you might just have some inner J-Hope personality in you.

Are you hard on yourself! Maybe your parents, friends, and teachers have pointed out that you are a strict perfectionist. And, sometimes, you also feel insanely affectionate. Well, Jimin is exactly like this too! He’s my favorite and is someone I relate to the most, but that is beside the point. Jimin is also known for being very outspoken to his fans. Plus, he loves to bake and carries this sexy charisma up on stage. If you relate to Jimin, I can relate to you.

Do you find yourself keeping up with the latest fashion trends? Then you and V will get along swimmingly! He loves to stay on trend by collecting Gucci accessories and clothing. He also loves photography and fine-arts. He is known as the jokester when the group travels together. Out of all the BTS members, V has the most deep and soulful voice. So, if you catch yourself on a shopping spree, you might or might not bump into V. You never know!

Is staying active a priority for you? Do you consider yourself an athlete? Then Jungkook is your man. He is the most athletic of the group, but he also likes to spend his free time editing videos. Even though he is the youngest, he is the main vocalist of the group. He joined BTS when he was only fifteen years old and has looked up to his other older six brothers ever since. If the gym is life to you, then Jungkook is the one for you!

Best of luck picking your favorite BTS member! See you at the next show.

Alejandra Deras is from Houston. She is a junior Mass Media Arts major at HBU. She is focusing on sports journalism. She also enjoys playing soccer three times a week.

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